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New-look MyHammer is better than ever after moving onto the Instapro Group technology platform

MyHammer has a new look and a raft of improved features after the site became the latest in the group to be migrated to the Instapro Group's leading techology platform.

The changes to the site, which offers private and commercial customers a reliable way to access tradespeople with the skills they need, were rolled out from 27 September. 

Following the update, tradespeople are able to supply tailored responses to jobs, giving them the opportunity to stand out from the competition and provide specific details about their offer, as well as request missing information to provide a more comprehensive response. 

Tradespeople also benefit from enhanced search functionality, allowing them to easily filter specific keywords and locations as well as jobs that haven’t yet received a response from other tradespeople. 

Additionally, trade users are presented with a clearer overview of all confirmed contacts and fees for the month as well as the date of their next bill, allowing them to easily keep track of costs.

In addition to receiving email summaries of leads, tradespeople now have the option to get every new lead emailed to them immediately. They can also opt to receive alerts about new direct inquiries via SMS. 

The reviews functionality has also been improved; now, once a job is complete, job posters can attach photographs to a review, allowing other users to see the work.

MyHammer, which was founded in 2005 and is based in Berlin, is the latest of a clutch of leading building and home trades marketplaces operated by the Instapro Group in Europe to move onto the platform. Together the services are relied on by around 100,000 active service professionals for access to trade work and have generated more than 30 million trade jobs for professionals.