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Our values

Our values are the principles we live and work by. They inform everything we do, from how we interact with each other to how we make decisions that impact our customers.

We put integrity first.

We are authentic, transparent and respectful. We are clear and open about our intent and actions. We keep integrity with customers, our team members and our shareholders and do what is best for the company. We balance the relative interests of each group, knowing we cannot always make everyone happy with every decision. We honour our commitments.

We are all stewards.

We are all stewards on behalf of our customers, our team members and our shareholders. We 'get up in the helicopter' to always consider what is best and take the right action for the entire company. We challenge ourselves and give the best effort we can with the time and resources available. We are proactive and we take responsibility for our actions (small and big).

We follow the evidence.

We are objective, evidence-based and pragmatic in our decision-making. We assess hypotheses critically based on logic and evidence, rather than on personal emotions and opinions. At the same time, we strive not to over analyse and spend too long deliberating. We act on the preponderance of the evidence (70% confidence in a decision).

We never stop learning.

We are open-minded and curious and accept new evidence. We learn from our successes and our failures. We embrace change and we challenge our own assumptions: our customers, our market, our team, our technology and our business are constantly evolving and we need to keep pace. We solve problems iteratively through lean methodology, experimentation, and research.

We win as a team.

We collaborate with our colleagues. We work cross-functionally and we share knowledge, not only within our teams but with other teams as well. We earn trust with one another by supporting and recognising each other's effort in a respectful and safe environment. We communicate openly and we give honest, constructive feedback. We disagree and commit. When we enter a discussion, we share our hypotheses supported by facts and evidence, but we support the decision once it has been made, even if we disagree.

We are inclusive.

Everyone is different and these differences make us stronger together. We are open-minded and inclusive, and we listen to understand each other while we strive to reduce biases. Everyone belongs here; we strive to be diverse. We are committed to building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.